Sonata: Violare, col legno (Guillemot Press, June 2021)
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“Lancaster’s particular verbal music, ...played out here with minimal means but on a large scale, displays an ambition that is all too scarce in contemporary poetry...
A fascinating poem indeed.” ——— Billy Mills, Elliptical Movements



In spring 2020 I created the first in an intended series of ‘poemcards’: postcards containing short original poems with a design/illustration that I hope compliment each poem. Three are so far available to purchase, ‘Buzzard’, ‘Pane’, and ‘Shore Leave’. These are available to order, in either mixed or single design packs, from The Maker’s Press.

Single Poems

• Two poems, 'Relic of Hope' & 'Rain-song', were published in July 2014 in Little Toller's online journal, The Clearing. (These poems also appear in Fulcrum.)

• ‘Pane’, published in the journal, Dymock Poets and Friends, 2018.