a fall of leaves

This short collection of thirteen poems is the first fruit of Philip’s original poetry and was published by subscription on 1 June 2014. It is a collection that explores the idea of the artist; the call to create and the striving and seeking of a voice (if indeed we survive long enough to tell the tales and songs within us); and the need to look and listen beyond the mundanity of the daily grind that can blind us to aspects of the world, which only art can reveal anew.

. . . exhaling
bright speech through thick wild
word-wood of iron gall . . .

The book was designed by the poet and hand-printed and crafted by John Grice at The Evergreen Press, in a limited, fine press edition of 120 copies. The edition is now sold out. However, two of the poems from the collection is available to read here.

Fulcrum. Photograph by Laura Howard

Contents: PreambleBooksLandlockedTwelfth NightRemembrance?Relic of HopeCoppiceLux MundiThe Allotted GraveSacramentPlain SightRain-songEpilogue.