Bodies who have supported my work

The Finzi Trust – by whom I was awarded a Finzi Scholarship in January 2014.
The British Academy – funder of my Postdoctoral Research Fellowship, 2014-2017.
Great Western Research – principal funder of my PhD, 2008-2010.
Musica Britannica – from whom I received a Louis Dyer Award in 2004.

Affiliated Institutions

University of Exeter, Dept. of English
University of Bristol, Dept. of Music
Gloucestershire Archives

Musicians with whom I work

Andrew Plant
Gavin Roberts
Paul Spicer
Ian Venables

Landscape & the Arts

Caught by the River
The Clearing
The Printed Land
Some Landscapes


Stainer & Bell – publisher of my edition of Gurney Ludlow & Teme.
Clutag Press

Favourite Literary Resources & Repositories

The William Blake Archive
The First World War Poetry Digital Archive